Auto Insurance

You should not – and in many cases cannot – drive any kind of vehicle without the right type of insurance. If you are in an accident, what then? If someone hits you, you spin out of control, or if you are subject to factors beyond your direct action, what protections do you have in place for yourself?  Unless you have the right kind of insurance coverage, the answer is NONE.

By protecting yourself with the right auto policies from Jim Blau Insurance, you are creating a shield against the calamities of the road. You are protecting yourself from financial distress – even ruin – with the type of coverage that is not only very effective, but also affordable. You are making the smart move.

Our agency has worked in the Independence, MO, area for many years, and we know what kind of personal and commercial auto insurance our customers need. Jim Blau Insurance works with more than 15 different auto insurers, and offers valuable discounts, such as Good Driver, Good Student, Multi-Policy discounts, and more.
When you get behind the wheel, you should be focusing on driving, and not on the "What Ifs.." from your lack of protection. Get auto insurance from us and take the road to peace of mind.

Home Insurance

Your home – purchased or rented – is one of the biggest, and most important, investments you will ever make. As such, you need to protect it, maintain it, and be sure that it has the necessary measures in place to keep (and improve) its market value. Jim Blau Insurance can help.

Against fire, wind/hail, break-ins, and more – our agency has the types of insurance protections you want from the providers you trust. At Jim Blau Insurance, we offer attractive discount options along with our already affordable pricing, and stellar service. New Home Discount, Burglar Alarm Discount, Claim-Free Discount – they are all just waiting to save you more.

For more information about our home or auto insurance, or to schedule your own personalized appointment with us, please call 816-833-1595.